SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - Last night, Crossroads South Middle School Physical Education teacher CJ Hendricks appeared on the NBC game show The Wall along with his sister, Brittany. The siblings enthusiastically answered a wide array of questions, ranging from pop culture to science, to win a sum total of $910,266.

During the program, Hendrick’s work in the South Brunswick community was displayed. This includes winning Teacher of the Year in 2017 and organizing a charity drive for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Hendricks and the school community at Crossroads were able to collect over 29,000 pounds of essential donations.

“Our parents raised us to be people of service, to help people in need. It was by far one of the most amazing days in my life and one of the things I’m most proud of,” Hendricks, a class of 2012 graduate of South Brunswick High School and baseball champion, said.

During the game, Mr. Hendricks hid behind the titular wall answering trivia questions while Brittany attempted to win the most possible money. The siblings were accompanied at the game by their father and uncle.