FAIR LAWN, NJ - A resident woke this morning to a white rope hanging from her tree shaped like a noose. She posted the picture on Facebook after 5 a.m., which caused immediate outrage, angry sentiments and sympathy for the individual who found it outside her house.

No word at this hour (noon, Sunday, Jan. 17) on how police are handling the matter. This is a developing story, expect updates.

Mayor Kurt Peluso responded to the news on Facebook prior to noon this morning with the following message:

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How do I feel about a noose hanging from a tree of a home in Fair Lawn? Absolutely disgusted, but not surprised. In the past year I have seen: the Proud Boys march in Fair Lawn twice and when I speak up against it I hear it’s not a big deal, or I went out to lunch with them and they were nice people; when a former council candidate wears a 3% mask I’m told it was just a joke; when black and brown residents spoke up at a council meting and said they feel treated differently, others in the audience had to speak down to them and tell them that racism doesn’t exist; when we have events meant to bring everyone together alternative flags have to be present too and when I speak up against it I’m anti this and that.

No, I’m not surprised, but determined, determined to see a change that I know can happen. There was a time when Radburn did not allow Jews, to be part of the association, now every faith is welcomed; in the late 1990s a gay student was criticized because he wanted to bring his boyfriend to the Fair Lawn high school prom, now anyone can bring who they want.

I know these events do not represent the majority of Fair Lawn. There are some that want to see us fail, and go backwards instead of forward, they will not win. We will be better tomorrow than we are today.

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