There is much fear and worry in the chaos that is swirling around us. Our English term "worry" comes from a root word that means, "to strangle."

That's exactly what worry does - it suffocates our faith and strangles our effectiveness. All those anxious thoughts really only accomplish one thing-they make us a prisoner of fear of what MIGHT happen. And soon this becomes all we allow ourselves to hear-which feeds more coal into the worry furnace-really heating things up!

But by worrying, we forget that God IS in control and God who made us knows all our needs. Jesus knew that worry and anxiety could seriously damage the human spirit and rob us of the joy God intended for us to experience in our lives on this earth even in the midst of chaos.

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So Jesus gave us something, so we can snuff out worries flames before the coals have a chance to heat up. How? He suggests that we seek the Kingdom of God which is above all else. We can do this through seeing God in nature, the Bible, and by solidifying our close relationship with God through prayer- by approaching God's throne of GRACE.

It takes the same amount of energy to worry as it does to pray. Which do you believe will accomplish more? Prayer changes things. Worry only makes matters worse. Prayer brings relief. Worry only leads to distress. Prayer brings freedom. Worry brings bondage. Prayer is a constructive use of energy. Worry is a waste of time.

George Mueller said, "The beginning of worry is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of worry." Will we let worry destroy our faith or will we allow our faith to destroy worry? In order for us to let faith win-we need to stop agonizing about things and pray about them! Let God take charge! GOD LOVES US AND DOES CARE- GOD CARES VERY MUCH ABOUT EACH ONE OF US.

If you are worried, God is ready when you are to take over. Take him at his word and see what God WILL do! Reflection based on Matthew 6:25-34

On Sunday 5/3 we will continue with a reflection on getting through the storms with Jesus' help. If you would like to join us via ZOOM e-mail: by 5/2.