As a teenager, I live in constant fear that the world we live in will soon be nearly inhabitable. The climate crisis is real, especially for those of us who are going to be living with it for the larger part of our lives. That is why I was so deeply frustrated when I heard my district’s representative Josh Gottheimer say “None of those things are going anywhere” in reference to Medicare for All and the Green New Deal (Salant). I didn’t understand how our elected representatives couldn’t see how disastrous climate change is. At the age of seventeen, I was already prepared to get on the bandwagon of “all politicians are useless”. That was until I heard about Dr. Arati Kreibich.

     Not only does Arati have a climate change tab on her issues board (unlike the incumbent), it is the very first one. On this page she calls for many environmental reforms such as a ban on fracking, reentering the Paris Agreement, and passing the Green New Deal. I was so deeply motivated by her dedication to the cause that I applied to become a fellow for her campaign, which only strengthened my belief in her ability to lead.

     Arati is the only person in this race who understands how crucial the fight against climate change is and the repercussions we will endure if we do nothing about it. I support Arati for Congress because she supports the future of America’s children.