PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY: In what turned out to be a monumental election, Paramus Mayor Rich LaBarbiera, Councilwoman Holly Tedesco-Santos, and Councilman Pat Verile triumphed over opponents Councilwoman Jeanne Webber (Mayoral Candidate), Mohammed Reda and Jorge Quintana (Council Candidates). With over ten thousand voters coming out to the polls, current Paramus Mayor Rich LaBarbiera received over six thousand votes and defeated Councilwoman Weber in the Paramus Mayoral race by over two thousand votes. Councilwoman Tedesco-Santos and Councilman Verile secured their seats by defeating their opponents by nineteen hundred votes. All three candidates were successful in winning all twenty Paramus districts.

When asked about the outpour of support from the community, Mayor LaBarbiera said that the results were indicative to the campaign the Paramus First Team ran. “We stuck to the facts and let our record speak for itself. I am most proud of what we have accomplished in the past eight years and it’s satisfying to know that it does not go unnoticed. The results speak for themselves. We did what we do best, put Paramus First. We strive every day to make Paramus a better place to live.” During their victory speech Mayor LaBarbiera, Councilwoman Tedesco-Santos and Councilman Verile thanked their supporters for their continued backing and promised to fight every day to put the best interest of all Paramus residents first. They promised to work even harder to improve the community of Paramus.

Over the past few weeks, the campaign heated up and was filled with personal and professional attacks against the incumbents. The We Are Paramus team took shots at LaBarbiera and his running mates on both a personal and professional level with attempts to instill fear into Paramus residents with unsupported and fact less claims. When asked about the attempt by his opponents Mayor LaBarbiera deferred to the election results and said, “Let the results speak for themselves.”

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The 2018 Unofficial Paramus election results are as follows:

LaBarbiera: 6140

Weber: 3975

Tedesco-Santos: 5931

Verile: 5845

Quintana: 4021

Reda: 3945