MIDDLETOWN, NJ: It was a described as a nightmare in the Belford section of Middletown last week as over 60 small dogs were rescued from absolutely horrific conditions. The rescue occurred after a call was received on the Monmouth County SPCA cruelty hotline, according to a representative: "The call came in from a person who turned out to be a family member of the owner of these dogs. We recovered several pregnant dogs along with newborn puppies who were just hours old."

According to a statement issued by the SPCA, "Many of the animals were so matted in their own urine and feces that they could barely walk in their small, excrement filled kennels and were forced to drink out of filthy water bowls, if any water was accessible at all. It was a sweltering hot and our team spent hours inside the house, with ammonia so strong it burned their eyes, in full PPE. They worked until every single dog was out safely recovered, and brought back to our shelter. We are appalled and saddened by what we found today and will be sure to bring the highest count of charges allowable by law forward to this individual. Special thanks to Middletown Township Police Department and Middletown Animal Control for providing extra assistance throughout the ordeal."

Executive Director and Chief of Humane Law Enforcement, Ross Licitra commented to TAPinto, “The Monmouth County SPCA is dedicated to bringing those who commit these terrible acts of abuse against animals to justice, and we are extremely thankful to the public for all their continuing support which allows us to pursue this mission” 

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According to the SPCA, "All of these dogs will need extensive medical attention, emergency grooming, spay/neuter, vaccines, microchips, foster support, and of course, adoption when we finally get to that point. Please consider making a donation to help us give these scared and confused babies the best chance of living a normal life. Now is when we need you most ❤️."  You can donate through Facebook or by clicking here: bit.ly/32DzJzC

We are also in need of groomers as well as foster homes ASAP. If you can provide grooming services please email barbara@monmouthcountyspca.org.If you can provide a foster home without small children, please email fostering@monmouthcountyspca.org.


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