PARKLAND, FL- 3 Heart Strings, a locally founded and based nonprofit organization, will be hosting a charitable fundraising event this weekend at Parkland Golf and Country Club on Saturday, September 14, from 6-10 p.m. 3 Heart Strings began in 2014 as a way for Hanna Gutentag, Stacey Gringauz, and Sofia Rothenberg to utilize their love of art and give back to their local community by creating unique bracelets that support charitable causes. Since its beginning five years ago, 3 Heart Strings has grown to five local staffers and has even added a west coast location in Los Angeles. The newest additions to the 3 Heart Strings operation are Gabby Fisher, a sophomore at Stoneman Douglas, and Zoe Weissman, an 8th grader at American Heritage in Plantation.

The 3 Heart Strings event this weekend will support The Friendship Journey, which is also a locally based nonprofit. The Friendship Journey gives needed services and opportunities to children and young adults with special needs. They provide free activities each weekend such as Rock with Friends, Reading with Friends, Yoga with Friends, and Fit Friends. Volunteers with The Friendship Journey are paired up with special needs young adults and children and are able to develop special friendships with each other, which is especially important to the 3 Heart Strings founders.

"Giving back is important to me because I want everyone to feel happy," shares Hanna Guttentag. "The smallest gift can make someone's life so much brighter."

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The Friendship Journey Gala event at Parkland Golf and Country Club is an annual event. This year the funds are raised to provide free activities for participants with The Friendship Journey.

"Philanthropy is important to me because not everyone has been given the same chances in life. It is important to help people who aren't as lucky as me. It makes me so happy to help in some small way," says Sofia Rothenberg.

Another area 3 Heart Strings helps is in support of Hurricane Dorian relief. They created a special bracelet to to raise money for hurricane victims, and reached over $1,000 in just the first week. The Hurricane Dorian disaster hits home for 3 Heart Strings, as the Bahamas are a mere 80 miles east of Parkland and the current need is so overwhelming for Bahamians.

"Giving back to the community is important to me because there are so many people in need," adds Gabby Fisher. "Sometimes your life can change overnight and helping those who are affected by horrible things just need to be shown some kindness."

 Over the course of just four years, the young women from 3 Heart Strings have raised and donated over $250,000. The girls are also looking to the future of the organization and are eager to touch even more lives. They recently created a #giftofkindnesschallenge on social media and developed a gift which includes their bracelets, teddy bear, a “Be Kind” sticker, a card and kindness quotes. They have been a smashing hit and can be purchased to spread kindness to special people while supporting charities at the same time. They are looking to be present at even more charitable events and want to help young teens with their own charity projects across the country. 

"It is so rewarding to make another person's day and put a smile on their face. Giving back to people in need is the least I can do. The opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life is so important to me," shares Zoe.

The young women from 3 Heart Strings feel especially passionate about helping other charities such as The Friendship Journey. For more information about 3 Heart Strings and this weekend's event, please visit the 3 Heart Strings web site.