PARKLAND, FLA - Wednesday's City Commission meeting lasted until approximately 3 a.m. on Thursday morning, as Parkland residents, under the leadership of Parkland Against Traffic, jam-packed the meeting to express their opposition to the Somerset Charter School's request to rezone land on the corner of University and Hillsboro for the construction fo a K-8 school. The City Commission hearing will continue today, September 6, at 5 p.m.

If the Commission approves the school's request, Somerset Charter School will be built and become home to 1,280 students, says the group.  Parkland Against Traffic has stated that no busing is currently slated to be provided, meaning that there will be thousands of vehicle trips each day.  

At Wednesday's hearing, Parkland Against Traffic's traffic expert bolstered the group's arguments against the school's zoning exception request.  

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During the past week, Parkland Against Traffic has been able to raise $15,000 to hire its own traffic engineer to rebut Somerset Charter School's effort to rezone the property as well as an attorney.

Kendra Fletcher, an organizer of Parkland Against Traffic, said, "Most of us are concerned about the location of the school. It’s adjacent to North University Drive where it is only two lanes. We are concerned about major back-ups at that intersection as well as the volume of additional cars being added in the community."

"We are overwhelmed and energized by the support we have received from our neighbors," said Fletcher. 

For more information, visit Parkland Against Traffic.

Fletcher concluded, "We've really come together as a community to work towards a common goal:  Protect our neighborhoods and preserve our way of life, and keep the unique way of life that makes Parkland Broward's premier community."