PARKLAND, FL- Stoneman Douglas English and Journalism teacher Sarah Lerner wasn't expecting a call from a major publishing house. In the wake of the February 14 tragedy, Random House publishing contacted Lerner. They wanted to know if she would help collect and edit a collection of stories, poetry, and photography from the students at MSD. As the yearbook advisor at Stoneman Douglas, Lerner was uniquely qualified to help the students organize and express their feelings. She would need to sort through expressions that were not only very personal to the students, but also were part of the healing process.

"It was very powerful to read all of the contributions. As the editor, I had to read through everything, select the pieces, edit and submit for publishing. Although the event happened to us all, we experienced it in different places around campus and in different ways. It was helpful for the contributors to share their stories, thoughts, artwork and photography. For some, they could best express their feelings through writing and other creative outlets," said Lerner.

The book will be nationally released at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday, January 22, and Lerner will host a book signing at 7 p.m. on Wednesday the 23rd. The event will be held at the Barnes and Noble on University Drive in Coral Springs. 

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Not only will the book include pieces from a number of MSD students, but it will also include Congressional testimony by Stoneman Douglas teacher Stacey Lippel and a piece from Emma Gonzalez's "We Call BS" speech. Lerner herself will also have two pieces included, along with photography from the March for our Lives event in Washington D.C. 

To learn more about the event, contact Barnes and Noble at The Walk on University Drive in Coral Springs.