Four points I made yesterday and this morning, that are worth considering:

1. Law enforcement should immediately move some of their TOP command staff to Parkland. There is a police station at City Hall and they should immediately move TOP level commanders to work for the next 90 days. They should see firsthand, from within the Community, what is going on. Rather than being downtown at the Public Safety Building they would be in Parkland and that would go a long way in helping to restore some confidence. It would also put more police cars in the area. In this age of the internet etc., they could do everything they are doing downtown, right from Parkland. No other area of the County would be shortchanged, as everything they are doing from downtown, they could do from Parkland. By being right in the area, at EVERY ROLL CALL and throughout the day, the TOP COMMAND STAFF can make sure the local officers are performing to the level expected by the Community. (there should be no cost to do this, it would be the same people simply reporting to work in a different location for a few months.)

2. Immediately move some of the BSO public information officers there as well. They should be giving updates, on issues right from Parkland right on the ground. IMMEDIATELY! (So when we hear that a school is being swept for bombs like it was last night, we hear it appropriately and from command staff as it is happening.) Not through the rumor mill, where parents are taking to social media to report possible bomb threats and the like. In this day and age what is the difference what office they are operating out of. The internet and phones will work from Parkland. (Again zero cost here)

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3. I would bring more, of the Community personnel “non-sworn” to the area. Law Enforcement has a huge contingent of Non-Sworn personnel that go to community meetings, pill drop off events, shredding events etc etc. Many of those people should be assigned to Northwest Broward for visibility purposes over the next ninety days. Parents and volunteers should not feel the need to patrol perimeters of the school when there is a cadre on non sworn paid people that can do so.

4. BCPS should consider getting a waiver and immediately graduating the MSD Seniors. They are pretty much done anyway. (let them do prom etc.) but open the parks, rec centers, library etc. during the day. It will reduce the size of the school by one third freeing up resources throughout the school to mane more effectively.