CORAL SPRINGS, FL – The Guardian Angels national leader shed new light on earlier reports that former member Fredrick Romero Davis had his security clearances revoked at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Curtis Sliwa, who founded the Guardian Angels in May 1977, said Davis’ “Level 2” clearance was revoked two weeks ago after the Broward County School District’s “new” security team ran “additional security checks.”

“Two weeks ago, security at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School approached chapter leader Cobra [David Clemente] and informed him that volunteer Fredrick Davis would be having his security clearance for the school revoked,” Sliwa said in a statement. “Cobra immediately suspended him from all activities involving the Guardian Angels. Now that further details have come forward, Cobra has made the decision to remove him permanently from the group.”

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Sliwa said there were no prior indications that “suggested” any issues and “he had cleared previous background checks.”

According to the statement, both Clemente and Davis applied for and were granted “level 2” security clearances by the district that would allow them to “come in and out of the school.” Both were fingerprinted and had extensive background checks completed before being approved, Sliwa said. 

Davis’ issues came about after the district brought on a new security team that ran additional tests. When the tests were complete, the new team “informed the group that Davis’ ‘Security 2’ clearance was being revoked,” the statement said.

Sliwa said: “We thank this security company for bringing this to our attention and have taken appropriate action by removing him from the group.”

According to the Broward County School District, all employees and volunteers’ fingerprints “will be researched by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.” This test includes “sealed or expunged records.”

The Broward County School District has a contract with FieldPrint, a national fingerprinting and background check company.

Employees of the district are also requested to “self-report” arrests prior to and during their employment with the school district. TAPinto Parkland has not been able to confirm if the same policies are in place for volunteers.

The Broward County School District also has a "trespass warning" placed on Davis. He is not permitted to be within 500 feet of any district school.

Requests for more information on the warning have not been returned as of press time.