PARKLAND, FL- Charlie Khalil's family has been serving the local community for a long time. The Khalils' have always had a heart for people in need, and Charlie has seen first hand the positive impact made in the lives of others through lending a hand and giving back. Charlie, now a junior at North Broward Prep, began to get his friends involved about five years ago, and that's when their collective impact really began to take off.

"It's just something we always have done. We believe in giving back and being kind to others- help where you can," says Charlie.

As awareness of their collective heart to give has grown, many people have expressed interest in helping out, especially their high school friends. In light of all the interest in helping out from fellow community members, Charlie and his friend Alexa Teo have named their program the Kids Care Club. Every month, Charlie and Alexa identify a community project or two that gives back to the Broward community. From feeding the hungry to serving the homeless, any project that gives back is up for discussion. One project they consistently do monthly is create toiletry kits for the mobile showers for the homeless. 

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The Kids Care Club typically chooses agencies that they are familiar with, such as Hope South Florida for homelessness, SOS Children's Village, Kids in Distress, and 4Kids.

"Helping out with these projects has made me appreciate that I have the ability to spread kindness and support others in need. I hope that our club gives everyone the chance to experience how incredible it feels to give back to their community," Alexa shared.

This coming Valentine's Day, Kids Care Club are organizing an effort called Boxes of Love. Boxes of Love will be care packages created for and given to the homeless at mobile shower stations through Hope South Florida. Charlie and Alexa have themselves put together 150 boxes, and they have collected an additional 150 from others in the community. Charlie and Alexa will be handing out the Boxes of Love on February 14 and serving a meal to the homeless. Anyone that wants to help with Boxes of Love is welcome to join the effort. For more information on Kids Care Club and the Boxes of Love effort, please contact Heather Khalil at