PARKLAND, FL- A year after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas our community continues to deal with grief, post traumatic stress and mental health issues. As a community we are learning how to navigate healing and hope together.

Gianna Brandofino has walked through her own struggles and dark times, but yoga has helped bring healing and purpose to her life. Brandofino is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner at Evolution Yoga, and she also has a personal private yoga business. She has seen the benefits yoga has brought to her life personally and to her clients. Brandofino wants to offer that same chance for healing to the MSD students and community members by offering classes free of charge. “I want to help anyone who is struggling with the tragic event that occurred in our community or anyone who is just struggling with life,” stated Brandofino.

Brandofino is looking to start free group sessions and private sessions to help heal our MSD community. “I don’t want students to think that it’s just yoga, with any clients I always explain to them that this is their time to use however they see fit. Some clients just want to talk for an hour because they don’t have anyone in their lives who can just listen,” Brandofino stated.

For more information or to schedule a group or private yoga session please contact Gianna Brandofino at or 904-302-3067