PARKLAND, FL - The Parkland Basketball Club resumed its season on Sunday and honored the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas including three members of the Club, Luke Hoyer, Joaquin Oliver and Alex Schachter.  Heart-shaped wreaths of roses adorned the center of the basketball court, one wreath for each of the three members.  All players and coaches were provided with a sticker to wear, honoring the three players, as well.

In one game held on Sunday, Notre Dame defeated Florida, in 5th Grade Boys Basketball.  Ben Meyer, Coach of Notre Dame, said, "I knew we would be a little rusty and slow due to the hot weather but being back with our team was important."  He said, "Our hearts are still hurting for each family that was impacted by this tragedy.  I told the boys to dig in and play hard to honor all of the victims." 

"#prayforparkland," Meyer said.