PARKLAND, FLA - The City Commission unanimously granted Somerset Charter School's request for an exception to zoning laws to permit construction of the school at the corner of University and Hillsboro in Parkland, with conditions, at the conclusion of its hearing on Thursday night.

Kendra Fletcher, an organizer of Parkland Against Traffic, said, "I believe it was a fair process and that each party was heard. It may not be the outcome we ultimately wanted, but I respect the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Commissioners and I appreciate the effort, consideration, and discernment that they put into the process."

She said, "If you compare the plan now to what was initially submitted last November, there are so many improvements. In addition, this plan was not approved 'as is', there are very specific requirements, and conditions that must be met."

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Fletcher said, "At the end of the day, we did what was within our control. We gave it 100%. We did it with respect and dignity. I have my concerns and worries about what's to come as this unfolds, but the decision has been made and I accept that fact...The truth is, we get to live in a wonderful and beautiful city in so many ways. We are a strong and resilient community. Let's focus on the positive and put our best foot forward."

"Thank you to everyone who put in time, effort and contributed financially to this process. I believe that we showed the best of Parkland through this process," she said.