PARKLAND, FL - In the wake of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, individuals and organizations throughout Parkland and beyond have stepped in to help the families of the victims, providing emotional and financial support.  Some, like Stephanie Frankel, have taken a leading role.  Frankel recently started Parkland Wristbands, to help raise money to support the victims' families.

"This horrific  tragedy rattled me like nothing I have ever experienced," Frankel said.  "The thought of what these children and families went through, and what they are going to go through for the rest of their lives affected the deepest part of me. As a mother, the thought of losing my baby in such a cold, nightmarish way and that these beautiful families will be ruined forever caused an unavoidable passion that I just had to do something to help my neighbors," she said.

As a result, Parkland Wristbands was born.

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To date, Parkland Wristbands has raised approximately $32,000 and sold about 6,500 bracelets.  In addition to those already sold, over 17,000 bracelets are being sold at local stores, restaurants, and doctors offices.

Frankel said, "In Parkland, we are family. We are here for each other and will continue to support each other in our times of need. Call upon us and we will answer. That is what being neighbors is about."

She said, "We stand strong! We are here for each other and we will get through this together and be a stronger, closer community because of this. No child should ever have to fear for their life when they go to school. No parent should have to last see their child laying on a cold floor. No family should have to endure pain created by an avoidable event. We are all here for those involved...We are here for you and will be there through every step of the way."

Frankel said, "Please give your support to these families. However you are able to help -- whether it be through a donation, purchasing a bracelet or making a warm meal for the families -- please do what you would want your neighbors to do for you in your time of need."

Parkland Wrisbands are available for purchase at