PARKLAND, FL- The 5th grade class at Riverglades Elementary School made the very best of the COVID-19 situation on Thursday. As many schools are working to figure out how to put cap on the school year, the greatest challenge is often for the classes that are graduating from the school. Last walks, conversations, and photos that were always anticipated have vanished with the pandemic that swept into our lives in March. 

Riverglades held a graduation car parade on Thursday morning that served as a roll-through graduation, final announcements, goodbye to teachers and staff, and party all at once. As the procession began at 10 a.m., Assistant Principal Duhart emceed the cars as they drove through the pickup line, recognizing the students and decorated cars. Honking vehicles and waving graduates had a chance to see each other from a distance and celebrate as they move onto middle school in the coming year. The car parade made the most out of the challenging season.

"It was so nice to see everybody once last time before we move up to middle school. I'm going to miss Riverglades and especially Ms. Barnard," shared 5th grade graduate Maddisen Akers.