WOOD-RIDGE, NJ - Wood-Ridge Middle School and High School students who chose to take part in Wednesday’s National Walkout did so with the blessing of the Wood-Ridge Board of Education, said Board Superintendent Nicholas Cipriano.   And literally, their protest was a walkout. 

Students walked around the school's track for 17 minutes, with the name of a Parkland student who died in the shooting read every minute. 

Wood-Ridge did not announce whether it planned to join other schools in the walkout until last night.  

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“We wanted to get together with the Chief of Police and make sure we were on the same page when it came to security,” Cipriano said.  “We wanted to allow the students to express their opinions, yet we have to be mindful of security.”

The walkout was entirely optional, Cipriano noted, and came about after conversations between students and the administration.  

“We had students come to us wanting to do the walkout, “ Cipriano stated.  “We then met with the student council to come to a plan as to how to get this done.

“The administration talked to each gym class, since everyone takes gym,” Cipriano added, “and let them know what was being done, and that they were not required to participate if they chose not to.”

Cipriano estimated that 95% of the students participated in the march.  
"I thought it went extremely well." Cipriano stated.  "It was well-organized and the students were respectful and demonstrated great maturity throughout the event."