PARKLAND, FL- Communities all over the United States are facing the challenge of social distancing to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Parents, families and neighborhoods are getting creative to provide entertainment and to encourage each other while the world is on hold.

Communities in Parkland have made walking around the neighborhood an adventure by creating and hanging rainbows, filling sidewalks with chalk pictures and inspirational quotes. Another neighborhood created their very own "Zootopia" by placing stuffed animals hidden outside each home. 

This is a time when neighbors can join together and enjoy the simple things of life.

Ideas for your neighborhood:

  • Rainbow Walk: Create and hang rainbows around your yard or windows
  • Chalk Walk: Draw pictures and/ or write inspirational quotes
  • Silly Faces: Draw and hang silly faces in windows 
  • Zootopia: Hang or place animals around your yard
  • Flowers: Make and place flowers around your yard or windows
  • Jokes: Chalk jokes on your sidewalk (Great for April Fools Day)