PARKLAND, FL- The State of Florida continues its trek towards reopening the state. Broward and Miami-Dade counties are working together to begin opening their first non-essential businesses next Monday. Many questions remain about what to expect, from new social norms to the plan for increasing capacity in the coming weeks and months. 

The scene on Monday in Parkland will be a welcome change for many residents, while a significant number of people are wary of a reopening plan that occurs too quickly. 

Parklanders that venture out on Monday the 18th can expect the following:

  • continued use of face masks is strongly recommended, but not required.
  • social distancing guidelines are still in effect.
  • touchless payments will be the method of choice for all transactions.
  • online menus will be the preferred method of ordering food, even in person.
  • restrooms will be open, but the CDC recommends not using them unless necessary.
  • outdoor seating at restaurants is highly recommended versus indoor seating.

Depending on how COVID-19 infections trend in the next couple of weeks, it is quite possible that the reopening of state continues on this path. On Wednesday, Governor DeSantis announced that Florida is open to professional sports teams as well. The road to recovery for Parkland and the state of Florida will be long, and the first steps begin next week.