PARKLAND, FL- Parkland resident Narnike Grant is running for Broward County School Board District 9 seat. The Primary Election will be held on August 18, 2020, and the general election is on November 3, 2020. Grant is a full time wife, mother and substitute teacher. She has lived in Parkland since 2008 with her husband, Irie, and their 5 children. 

Grant, a Brooklyn native, moved to Florida in the early 1990's with her Haitian parents and 5 siblings. She became a teen mom of 2 and worked hard to finish high school in record time.  She met her husband in the late 1990’s, got married and went on to add 3 more children to their family.  Grant earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Arts in Cross Disciplinary Studies with a Major in Conflict Resolution.

Narnike Grant has been actively involved in the educational system as a substitute teacher and parent. She has served as the PTA/PTO President for Heron Heights Elementary School (Parkland) for over 8 years and Corresponding Secretary for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for a year and a half. She was also the IZONE Representative for Heron Heights Elementary for the Parkland zone. 

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Grant's long involvement in education along with the devastation the city faced after the school shooting prompted her to get involved further to make a difference. "The county became divided and I believe collaboration and restoration with our stakeholders, students and staff are paramount and I intend to foster that once elected," shared Grant.  

Grant's goal as a board member is to continue working on the strong parts of the school board and to strengthen the weak areas. 

"The strengths of the school board lies with its authority in the school board policies they implement. These policies are structured by the Florida statue and is there to maintain the organizational flow of the district. The school board has three main functions: they approve the budget, implement and amend policy and supervise the superintendent. Their weakness in my opinion is a lack of diversity on the board, the board members are not reflective of the county and the management of the educational experience is not equitable for all children," stated Grant. "In order to ensure and maintain fair and equitable education across the board you have to have a seat at the table." 

Grant's long-term aspiration once elected is to remain on the board for two terms. She believes 8 years is enough time to make positive change.

"I believe as a public servant one must impart their servitude in a manner that allows for growth and change. I believe two terms is sufficient for me to assess, create and then implement policy that will yield long-lasting positive change," said Grant.  

Grant has 6 main platform issues that she plans to address as a board member.

  • Grass Root Collective Collaboration: Developing a better parent/guardian relationship with the district.
  • District Discipline Policy: Amending school discipline policies to reflect the initiative for safe guarding our schools. 
  • Safety and Security: Work to ensure that our legislature provide more funding for safety and security measures.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Work towards transparency and accountability in education and place education back at the top of the priority list.
  • Mental Health: Integrate practical and beneficial mental health techniques within the school curriculum.
  • Teacher Retention and Salary: Work to raise teacher pay and make sure that when hiring new teachers that they are properly certified.

Ultimately, Grant hopes to see the quality of education in Broward County improve for years and generations to come. The role of the School Board Member is about representing the students and families well and making the district stronger for everyone.

"Being elected to the board is a great privilege and honor and my priority will also be to lead with integrity," shared Grant. "Teachers, students, and the stakeholders are my top priorities and I will dedicate my tenure to service them to the best of my ability. I also want to be a collaborative board team member and help this district to realize all its potential in all aspects of education."

For more information on Grant's campaign or to support her visit: Narnike Grant 2020