PARKLAND, FL- As the Parkland community continues to grieve and move towards healing since the February 14 tragedy, another challenge has arisen from these challenging circumstances. Teen suicide, now the 2nd leading cause cause of death among youth in our country, has become part of the aftermath of the original tragedy. Our local community grieves with these families and is taking strides towards addressing mental health in an increasingly proactive manner.

Nationally Certified School Psychologist Dr. Scott Poland will be speaking on Safeguarding Our Youth: Building Resiliency and Preventing Youth Suicide on Thursday, April 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Parkland City Hall. He is a professor in the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) College of Psychology and Co-Director of the NSU Suicide and Violence Prevention Office. Dr. Poland is nationally recognized as an expert on youth violence, suicide intervention, parenting, school safety and delivery of psychological services in school. He has an extensive background and experience in these subjects and has presented over 1,000 workshops in every state and internationally.  Dr. Scott Poland will share his expertise on how to safeguard our youth to build resiliency and help prevent suicide.