PARKLAND, FL- Social distancing has its challenges for everyone, but it can be especially lonely for residents in senior living facilities. Most senior facilities have not allowed visitors during the Coronavirus pandemic, leaving seniors to feel alone and isolated. Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky wanted the residents of Aston Gardens to feel the love and support of the surrounding community. Parkland community members celebrated the residents of Aston Gardens Saturday morning with a parade caravan. Cars were decorated, horns were honking, and people were waving as they drove through the senior living facility. Residents at Aston stood outside and in their screen porches waving and enjoying social distancing at its finest. 

"It felt wonderful to give back. It was fun to see and wave to all the people at Aston Gardens," said Parkland student Jada, who participated in the parade. 

"What a heartwarming thing we were fortunate to be a part of in our beloved city. These beautiful seniors who have been isolated because of Covid, so appreciated the car drive by parade. It was especially good for the kids to see why our Seniors should be treasured and never forgotten. Sad also at the same time but love the sprit of the wonderful people that were there and are blessed to call Parkland home," shared Parkland resident Karen Johnson.