PARKLAND, FL- Vanessa McCaffrey and Michelle Brown are passionate about helping kids in need. As mothers and philanthropists, each has a unique story that led to their involvement in fighting the battle against human trafficking. They will be utilizing that passion on Friday at a special fundraiser the women set up to be run by children to combat human trafficking. In honor of so many of the young victims of human trafficking, the fundraiser will be a lemonade stand.

Brown was adopted from Calcutta, India as young child and has been helping kids rise from circumstances like hers for years. She is also the Founder of the Glamour For Good charity event and continues to help mothers through her organization McCaffrey sits on the Board of Directors for the Liberty Children's Home in Belize and is the Founder of the Butterfly Ball. The women crossed paths years ago and have been passionate about helping people out of difficult circumstances ever since. 

"Every night we were sending articles on tragic, awful human trafficking and horrendous acts against children, and we said it's time to step up to help with the vital work of Operation Underground Railroad," said Brown.

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The women organized a special lemonade stand fundraiser run by children that will donate all proceeds to the organization Operation Underground Railroad. The event will sell lemonade for $5 per cup and is from 3-5 p.m. on Friday afternoon, July 31.

At the event, Brown says, "in this time social distancing is paramount. However, we feel it is also vital for our community to come together, to unite to help kids in need and to be a light in the world. We will be hosting our lemonade stand outside, request of course everyone wear a mask at CF Vice Gym (11354 Wiles Rd.). Simply park and walk up we will have lemonade for a suggested CASH ONLY donation of $5 to Operation Underground Railroad.  Our kids will be a part of this important event, and we encourage you to make it a family mindfulness event."

For more information about the event, please visit their Families Against Human Trafficking Day Facebook page.