Gina Montalto was a vibrant 14 year old with a giving and loving heart. She was athletic and artistic, and she found peace and joy spending time in the library with a good book.  It's fitting to honor Gina Montalto as the Artist of the Month at the Parkland Library, and her artwork is proudly displayed on walls of the library during the month of January.  The Parkland community came together to hold a reception and art exhibit on Wednesday afternoon at the library where family, friends and community members gathered to celebrate Gina’s love of art and her love of life. Gina’s favorite music played throughout the library as guests had the opportunity to view her artwork and enjoy the photo slideshow of Gina’s life.

Gina also loved children and lending them a helping hand.  To honor this compassion, books, arts and crafts were collected at the Parkland Library reception as well.  The items donated will be used in the upcoming Parkland Hearts project honoring Gina, which will take place in February.  All the donated supplies will allow other children to develop the love of reading and creating as Gina did. Gina’s life and legacy will live on as she continues to make a difference in the world.

For more information on Gina and the foundation created in her memory and honor visit

To view Gina’s art exhibit visit The Parkland Library now through January 31, 2019.