PARKLAND, FL- Mother's Day is a global celebration and appreciation of mothers everywhere. Parkland is filled with mothers that love, bless, and care for the families in our community. The Kids Care Club, made up of local high school students, has organized an effort that blesses nearly 500 local mothers with a special Mother's Day gift tote bag.

Maggie Goldstein, Jacob Brooks, Livi Teo, and Charlie Khalil organized the plan that helped local organizations Anzora's Foundation, Hope South Florida, and Women in Distress to give an extra gift to the mothers they serve on a daily basis.

The Mother's Day totes include a number of personal items, beauty items, and toiletries that are both practical and personal for the mothers. Anzora's Foundation received 77 totes, Hope South Florida 137, and Women in Distress were blessed with 243 tote bags.

All totes were donated by Parkland community members in an ongoing effort to bless not only Parkland, but all people in need around Broward County and South Florida.