PARKLAND, FL- National Volunteer Week (April 19-25, 2020) is celebrated annually in America, giving an opportunity to recognize some of our nation's outstanding citizens. Parkland is filled with residents that have a heart for our community and South Florida in general. Heather Khalil, wife and mother of two, puts forth a volunteer effort that is second to none in our corner of the world.

Khalil has developed an entire network of local volunteers over the years, and she is widely considered Parkland's go-to community organizer when it comes to volunteer efforts. From serving the homeless to feeding the hungry to helping at-risk children, Khalil's care covers the spectrum of ways to help the local community. At the request of fellow Parklanders, Khalil has even set up a Facebook group dedicated to serving others called "Heather's Volunteer Opportunities."

"Heather is amazing!" says City Commissioner Rich Walker.  "She always thinks of others. One of the most amazing gifts is that Heather has passed this love of others onto so many people with similar hearts. Her network has grown exponentially and continues to do so, which allows so many people to feel the effects of their efforts. She is a special person.  My family and many others really embrace these opportunities. There are a variety of opportunities available that can suit every single person out there."

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Khalil's group has already swelled to over 500 local members, yet they are looking for more people to join. A number of other leaders from the community are also stepping up to lead the volunteer effort. 

"Heather holds a very special place in my heart," adds volunteer leader Jen Caronna. "She always finds a creative and caring way to help anyone who is in need. When she organizes the special events, not only is she blessing the vulnerable, but she invites the community to share in the gift of charity alongside of her. She is a rainbow of hope to so many."

Khalil gives others the credit for the overall effort. "All the team leaders and volunteers make it possible -it really is a group effort," she says. "There is no WAY all the projects and service to others would happen without them. It is a community effort."

To join the Facebook group "Heather's Volunteer Opportunities," please request access here.