PARKLAND, FL – The new and locally established organization Parkland Cares has been supporting the MSD community since the February 14 tragedy that shook the community. As a nonprofit, the hope and mission of Parkland Cares is to focus on mental health and extend help to the survivors.

Parkland Cares most recently did that by announcing grants totaling $114,00 to three organizations that will offer such counseling and care: Broward Behavioral Associates, Tomorrow’s Rainbow, and Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts. Last summer, Parkland Cares awarded a total of $75,000 to Henderson Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health Associates, and Children’s Bereavement Center.

“No one looks forward to the one-year anniversary of this tragedy,” says Parkland Cares founder Howard Dvorkin, who is chairman of “In our own small way, we’re trying to help this community recover.”

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Dvorkin, who lives only a few miles from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, donated all the initial expenses for Parkland Cares.

Parkland’s Stacey Udine serves as executive director of the organization. Her years of experience in fundraising and leading groups provide excellent experience for the position. “I love my community and have lived here for over 20 years.  We need to start healing as a community and I hope that with my work at Parkland Cares I am able to contribute to the healing process.” said Udine.

Parkland Cares serves the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Community with the focus of caring for the individuals impacted from the February 14 tragedy.  The program provides both immediate and long-term funding and awareness for mental health counseling for Douglas shooting survivors, their families and the community-at-large.

Parkland Cares provides an easy way for people to get connected to the services they need, including crisis counseling, intervention services and trauma counseling. “Help is here. We have designed a resource concierge number to provide a centralized place for the community to call for help. The number to call is 954-740-MSD1 (6731). This number will help the caller get connected to one of the organizations that can help with their needs,” said Udine.

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