PARKLAND, FL- Florida's 'Alyssa's Law' is making its way through the state legislature along with further involvement in school safety at the state level. 'Alyssa's Law' will be a bill mandating all public schools in the state of Florida install silent alarms that will be directly connected to local law enforcement in a state of emergency. Technology available today can also make the silent alarm system doable through smart phones. 'Alyssa's Law' will require that every public school have an approved silent alarm system in place. 

Florida would be following in the footsteps of New Jersey, which has already passed 'Alyssa's Law.' Broward County School Board Member Lori Alhadeff is optimistic that Florida leaders will also pass the bill. She would like to see 'Alyssa's Law' become a Federal Law but for now this is a big step in keeping schools safe. "This means the world to my family to honor her (Alyssa) and the 17."

Florida's state budget for the coming year includes a "Safe and Secure Campus Initiatives" bill that would allocate significant funds towards technology that will connect schools with emergency responders, police, and more.

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The bill, as recommended by Governor DeSantis, states "The Governor's Budget Recommendation for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 includes an increase of $8,000,000, of which $1,600,000 is nonrecurring to acquire communications technology with interoperability capability, the ability to seamlessly connect diverse emergency services technologies to ensure the real-time coordination amongst multiple first responders. Currently, public schools, law enforcement and local emergency services agencies in Florida utilize unstandardized and sometimes outdated diversity of technology to communicate with each other during emergencies. This would represent an enhancement to already existing emergency alert technology utilized by some schools and districts."

Alyssa's Law was passed in New Jersey in February 2019. 

A formal decision on 'Alyssa's Law' in Florida will be made during legislative sessions in January and February.