PARKLAND, FL- In a significant step forward, Alyssa's Law passed both the State House and Senate Committees on Thursday. The bill will next be placed on the special order calendar of the House and Senate floors. They'll be reviewed there for a second and third time there with the opportunity to make adjustments. Once the House and Senate floors have both reviewed the third time and if they agree on the bill, it would go to Governor DeSantis to be signed into law. 

Alyssa's Law would mandate that all public schools in the state of Florida install silent alarms that will be directly connected to local law enforcement in a state of emergency. Technology available today can also make the silent alarm system doable through smart phones. Alyssa's Law will require that every public school have an approved silent alarm system in place. 

"Passing all three committees this week means the world to me. Knowing that we are so close in the legislative process to get Alyssa’s Law passed. Alyssa’s Law will save lives!” shared Lori Alhadeff.

The bill has received bi-partisan support as it continues to make its way through the approval process. The State Legislative Session ends on March 9.