PARKLAND, FL- "Jaime’s Law," is making its way toward approval in the federal government. The law, named for Parkland student Jaime Guttenberg, has already been approved in a number of states and is being introduced by a coalition of 20 attorney generals at the national level. Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced the commonsense bill that would mandate background checks for all ammunition sales.

Jaime's father, Fred Guttenberg, is pleased to see progress of the bill. "The majority of Americans are willing to do the right thing. I am fighting for gun safety," he shared.

Jaime's Law requires background checks for all ammunition purchases in the same way they are required for gun purchases. The simple solution being proposed is that federally licensed firearms dealers utilize the same FBI National Instant Background Check System they use for purchases of the firearms themselves to instantly check the background of the ammunition purchases as well.

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"No person should have to experience the agonizing pain of losing someone they love to gun violence. Fred Guttenberg and individuals around the country are demanding Congress address this public health crisis," said Wasserman Schultz in her bill introduction statement. “Jaime’s Law is a crucial piece of the multifaceted approach that is essential to ending the gun violence epidemic, closing the ammunition loophole by requiring background checks for ammunition purchases.”

"My advice to people is to stop looking at this as a Democratic and Republican issue. Bullets don't know what party you belong to when it kills you," said Guttenberg. "People in Parkland and elsewhere, I want you to imagine that you woke up to a normal day and then you lose the person you love most to gun violence. Then act on how to reduce that potential for gun violence and vote on it."