PARKLAND, FL- Parkland student Sinan Kassim recently had an experience far beyond the high school classroom. Kassim was selected to be the Parkland "Mayor of the Month" for the month of May. The expectations and involvement were significant, as Kassim frequently went directly from school to City Hall during his time serving as "Mayor of the Month." Not only did Kassim have an informative learning experience, but it was eye-opening as well. He frequently spent time with the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and City Commissioners. All of them made their schedules flexible to meet with the young leader.

"Mayor Hunschofsky gave a great overview," said Kassim. "She gave a holistic overview of everything that happens and all the different things you have to consider when making certain decisions. She is great at doing that and it shows the type of leadership we have in the city."

Sinan was able to not only spend time with city officials, but attended as many special meetings and gatherings as he could in an effort to understand the dynamics of leadership in civil service. 

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"I met all the commissioners and developed a relationship with them. I was able to see how they work and their leadership styles as well," he added. "The amazing thing I took back from this entire experience was that the decisions we see happening in the community truly happen at the local level."

Kassim was also inspired by the leadership he saw as he continues to work towards his personal goal of reaching the inner city communities and giving a voice to the voiceless of society.

"We have great leaders like Mayor Hunschofsky, Vice Mayor Cutler, and all the City Commissioners. When you have great leaders that truly care about the city it brings an energy to the city staff, the commission meetings and an energy amongst the public. It's not politics. It's public service," he summarized.

Parkland's annual Mayor For a Month program is open for any Parkland student to apply for selection. The application process begins in November.