PARKLAND, FL- Memorial Day is a unique holiday in America. It was established as a day to remember, recognize and appreciate the lives lost by members of the United States Armed Forces. These personal sacrifices allow the citizens of the United States to live freely today in a world where personal freedoms don't exist for many people. 

In 1963, America's involvement in Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement were in full swing. The American people were living in a world of uncertainty, and young men were traveling across the Pacific Ocean to battle in southeast Asia. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was speaking publicly and leading protests to stand for the personal and civil rights of all Americans. Later that year, President John F. Kennedy would be assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Also in 1963, a little town in southern Florida called Parkland was incorporated by a man named Bruce Blount. Blount was from Pompano Beach and had inherited land from his father that he would eventually call "Parkland." Blount dreamed of Parkland being a peaceful place, designed to keep its park-like character, regardless of how quickly southern Florida would grow.

Today, Parkland is a place that over 30,000 people are blessed and grateful to call "home." The unique qualities that Parkland was created to retain have largely remained intact. All of these attributes that we experience as "Parklanders" are because the United States Armed Forces gave massive sacrifices for us to have this freedom to enjoy life in Parkland. Countless lives have been lost over the years in the name of freedom. We, as Parklanders, pause today to give thanks for the lives sacrificed by all American military that allow us to live in this beautiful place in 2020.

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.