PARKLAND, FL- The City of Parkland, in an effort to continue to reopen facilities while in conjunction with Broward County's guidelines, has reopened for youth activities and summer camps as of Monday, June 8. This means that camps are now eligible to be open in Parkland. The majority of youth summer camps are expected to begin within the next couple of weeks; please check with your specific camp or activity director.

The opening is with restrictions, most notably pertaining to group size. All same-space gatherings must be limited to ten people or less. Any gatherings, such as summer camps or youth activities, that are greater than ten people must provide a separate space to subdivide the larger group into less than ten people.

Additionally, the City of Parkland has updated its park hours. Pine Trails, Terramar, and Barkland are now open from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. Other public spaces have increased hours as well. For detailed information, please visit the City of Parkland EMERGENCY ORDER NO.2020-010 here.