PARKLAND, FL- As Parkland continues to grow at a rapid rate, one of the great challenges is managing the people and traffic that continue to flow into the community. The City of Parkland is working ahead of the curve and has initiated the process of adding a traffic light at the corner of Nob Hill and Hillsboro.

Construction of any new traffic lights in Parkland need to meet Broward County traffic requirements and be approved through the county. The City of Parkland, with a focus on safety, expedited the process by providing initial funding and design in anticipation of meeting the requirements before the light is installed in the fall of 2020.

The light will be placed at the busy corner of Nob Hill and Hillboro to ease congestion that already exists at the four-way stop.  A number of new home communities continue to be constructed in the northwest corner of the city, which will only increase the amount of traffic in the future. Adding a traffic light will be a welcome sight to parents, students, and commuters.