PARKLAND, FL- The City of Parkland is pleased to promote its "Environmentally Proud" effort in the local community through a program called Parkland's Environmental Partners. The program is designed to recognize environmentally friendly businesses and give them credit for their effort. Any business in Parkland is eligible to become one of Parkland's Environmental Partners. Approved businesses will be recognized at a City Commission meeting and will receive an "Environmentally Friendly" sticker to display at its entrance or other visible location.

If your Parkland business is making an intentional effort to be green, you can qualify to be a Parkland Environmental Partner. The process entails filling out the application with a description of current and future efforts to be environmentally friendly. Examples of environmental efforts to qualify are reducing waste, recycling, utilizing paper instead of plastic products, driving low or no emission vehicles, and more. 

For more information or to apply to become an "Environmentally Friendly" business in Parkland, please visit the online application at the City of Parkland web site.