PARKLAND, FL- Parkland lost a long time resident, Dr. Alex Hsu, on Wednesday from complications from the coronavirus. Dr. Hsu was an internal medicine specialist practicing in Margate for 38 years. 

Dr. Hsu's clinic communicated his loss via phone messages sent out today.  The community and his patients are trying to make sense of the loss. Rachael Monteiro has been his patient for the past 5 years and recently saw him in January and was scheduled for a follow up in April.

"I would have never imaged in my wildest dreams that would be the last time I would see my favorite doctor. I loved his medical approach! He always recommended a natural approach versus medication. I truly trusted his advice and took it to heart. Such a wonderful professional doctor with amazing medical knowledge. He was a kind soul and will be truly missed by everyone," Monteiro shared. 

According to the Florida Department of Health, as of today's publication, Florida has 2484 confirmed cases of Coronavirus with 29 deaths. There are 6 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Parkland and 10 in Coral Springs.