PARKLAND, FL- Anyone that criss-crosses Parkland consistently knows the scene well. The fenced grassland on the north end of University Drive adjacent to Town Parc and Miralago are home to three of Parkland's most popular residents; the local cows. Many people in the community make it a point to walk over to the area or drive to visit and feed their 2,000 pound friends. The sweet demeanor of the brown and white, black, and black and white bovines are a wonderful break from the chaos of daily life in Parkland. Dozens of people bring their favorite fruits and vegetables to feed the cows by hand, and the cows come walking (or even running) to the community members that stop to visit.

Sadly for many of us, our dear friends have now moved on to the "greener pastures" of Delray Beach. Unconfirmed word on the street is that the cows are still together and will have more space to roam in Delray. As a Parkland resident that not only loved visiting the Town Parc cows, I also enjoyed bringing out-of-towners to visit our massive four-legged friends that would literally gallup over when we arrived to say hello. Candidly, maybe a little of that gallup had to do with the vegetables I was carrying. Either way, Parkland's cows were a well known and loved part of the community. Many people in Parkland will miss having them in the neighborhood.