PARKLAND, FL- Karen Bleier never planned on getting involved in law. The future Parkland resident was navigating school at the University of Albany and planned on being involved in advertising and copywriting, envisioning a career in New York City in the marketing world. She did indeed pursue a successful advertising career, spending years helping major clients build and grow their domestic and global brands. Along the way, the mother of two moved to Parkland and had twin daughters making their way through Riverglades, Westglades, and Stoneman Douglas High School.

Motherhood and a growing career had Bleier in a position of needing expertise and support from the surrounding legal community, and she wasn't sure where to turn for help. Bleier had a number of burgeoning legal questions for her media business and herself personally. After looking around at the options and knowing she needed guidance in many areas, she connected with LegalShield, a subscription-based company that provides advice to anyone with legal questions, specializing in helping people that don't necessarily think they can afford expensive legal services. 

"The law is at the center of our society," says Bleier. "Every document you sign, whether it's for a driver's license, car lease, rental, business, is a contract someone else's attorney was paid to develop and put in front of us to sign without counsel. And when help is needed and someone wishes they could consult with an attorney, it's deemed painful. They shy away due to the anticipated cost versus value."

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Bleier joined LegalShield as a member and also became part of the women's group within Legal Shield called Ladies of Justice, which specializes in helping women get the legal support they need for their businesses and personal lives. Ladies of Justice has taken off as the number of women in positions of business leadership and ownership grows at a rapid rate. 

June is part of the Ladies of Justice's Feeding America effort. As part of the effort, the Ladies of Justice are adding a fundraising match to anyone that registers for their legal program. LegalShield will be donating up to $2,500 towards fighting hunger for anyone that signs up with the Ladies of Justice in June. The program can be supported on a GoFundMe page.

Karen Bleier and the Ladies of Justice aim to help anyone that feels like they need legal advice but don't know where to begin.

"We help improve lives with our services and provide women the opportunity and environment to build their belief and confidence, step into their greatness and power, control their lives and create choices and live a purposeful life," summarizes Bleier.

For more information, please visit the Ladies of Justice website.