PARKLAND, FL- The Stoneman Douglas PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) is working hard to help support the Parkland community during this challenging season. The school resource officers that are normally stationed at all Parkland schools are now out working the roads with BSO Parkland. The PTSO recently provided lunch for the BSO officers in an effort to bless and support them as they are adjusting to a new "normal" as well. 

"We wanted to support them (the BSO) and show them that we miss them," said PTSO Vice President 3 Mimi Advani. "We also wanted to support local business, so we ordered their lunches from Annie's and it was delivered straight to the BSO station."

BSO Parkland Captain Chris Mulligan was very thankful of not only a free lunch for his team, but for the gratitude expressed by the PTSO and local residents.

“During a time like this when so many people are in need, for the MSD PTSO to provide lunch for our deputies is especially appreciated. All of our School Resource Officers (SROs) at MSD have worked hard to forge positive relationships with the staff, facility, students and parents. All of us are humbled by the generosity of the PTSO board and their members," said Mulligan.