PARKLAND, FL- Every year our family celebrates Christmas in July, and this year is no exception. It’s a choice we make. We decorate our artificial tree, exchange gifts, and watch a Christmas movie we haven’t seen yet. In the midst of a pandemic, this choice aids in creating some much-needed normalcy.

It’s estimated that an adult makes 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day, far less than that of a child. It’s part of the weightiness of adulting. As parents, our choices have ripple effects on our children. Our choices and attitude during this uncertain time will mold them into the young men and women they are so quickly becoming. 

As a Christian, the Bible informs my faith, and it has a lot to say about choices. We are lovingly exhorted to choose life, choose what is right, choose the good, and to choose which God (god) we will serve.

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Many have asked me what the right choice is for our school this year. Should we be on-campus, at home, or provide a hybrid option? That’s difficult to answer because, as principals, we are freshmen walking this pandemic path. I do, however, believe that there is more than one right choice to this question.

Our answer started with gaging the feelings and concerns of our staff about the reopening of our school through an anonymous survey. All 21 responded positively about returning to campus to start the school year. One teacher wrote, “My belief is that children need the school environment for their social and emotional growth.” Another added, “...virtual schooling adds significant pressure on working parents to facilitate without the needed time or tools for effectiveness.” Our parents have expressed similar sentiments. We are not without concerns, but we are choosing to address these concerns and collectively step out onto this unfamiliar path. 

Parkridge Christian Academy will be opening full-time, in the classroom on August 19, and we'll also have options for parents not comfortable yet with being in person.

Whatever schooling choice you make for your children, may it serve to grow and prepare them. That is a gift they will remember long after 2020. 


Josh Halulko, M.Ed.