PARKLAND, FL- The winners of the Westglades Athletics MSD scholarship were announced on Tuesday, with Emily Cashion and Rachel Fishkin receiving the honor. 

"The MSD Athlete Scholarship sponsored by Westglades Athletics with the support of Coral Springs Middle Athletics and Pepperoni Grille are proud to announce the winners of the scholarship," said Wesglades Athletic Director P.J. Battaglia. "For the second year in a row Westglades Athletics was able to raise $2,000.00 from the games when Coral Springs Middle plays at Westglades in soccer, basketball, volleyball and flag football.  The scholarship is able to present two scholarships for $1,000.00 each."

Emily Cashion played basketball and flag football at both Westglades and MSD. She has a 3.44 GPA and will be playing basketball at Johnson and Wales University.

Rachel Fishkin played soccer at both Westglades and MSD. She has a 3.66 GPA and will be playing soccer at the University of North Florida.