PARKLAND, FL- The Florida Crushers lived up to their name after winning the Disney Girls U11 3v3 Soccer Championship this past summer and again in January.  The Florida Crushers sponsored by APT is made up of 5 fifth grade girls; Ashley Bean, Kai Butler, Bianca Raskin, Emily Rodriguez and Kenslee Ward. The girls also play for the same Parkland Travel Soccer team. "The girls play 3v3 because they all love the game and not only to have fun but also to learn the game in different ways," stated Mike Raskin, coach of the Florida Crushers. 

The Florida Crushers faced teams from Connecticut, Kentucky, Illnois and New Jersey on their way to the championship. The Florida Crushers were 1-1-1 after the first day of game. They lost and tied a game on the second day of competition putting them in 6th place out of 8 teams. The top 6 teams advanced to the elimination rounds. The Florida Crushers had just made it to the elimination rounds. They won their first elimination game later that day sending them to the semifinals on Monday. They came out strong and determined to face their competitors Monday. They had a 6-1 win over a team from Kentucky to send them to the Champtionship game, and then handled a team from Connecticut 5-1 to claim their second 3v3 Disney Championship title.  Coach Mike Raskin could not have been more proud adding, "The effort and determination of the girls was amazing to watch, and coach. I told the girls how proud I was of them not just because they won, but because they stood by each other and picked each other up after the possibility of almost being eliminated."

For now, these champions will continue to go to school, hang out with friends and help their Parkland 2008 Girls Red team win until they seek their 3rd title in the next 3v3 tournament.