PARKLAND, FL- The Florida Crushers won their third straight Disney Girls 3v3 Soccer Championship the last weekend in June. The girls won previously last summer and in January. The Florida Crushers 2008 team is made up of incoming sixth graders Ashley Bean, Alessia Frenquellucci, Allison Ofstein, Emily Rodriguez and Morgan Tyrakoski. The girls were coached by Jonah Andrade. 

“We worked hard as a team, it was really hot, but I’m proud of our team and so happy we were able to win the championship again," said Ashley Bean. 

The girls, having played together for years, continue to unite and play stronger together. "When we work as a team, we are unstoppable," added Emily Rodriguez.

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The 2008 Florida Crushers played up a year in the competition, competing with the 2007 age group. They won both games on their first day of competition, beating Wonder Women FC 9-2 and Orlando United FC 11-4. On the second day they went 1-1, beating Prime Time Allstars 11-3 and losing to FLEXAS of Jacksonville 11-1. The Crushers were on a roll heading through the semifinals. 

"I want people to be scared when they play The Crushers, we didn’t come all this way to lose,” stated a confident Alessia Frenquellucci.

Their 3-1 record brought them to the finals on Monday. They met the Prime Time Allstars in the title game, winning 9-2 to claim their third consecutive championship. The five girls had reached the mountain top again, as teammates and friends.

“It was a honor to play with the team and help win the championship,” Morgan Tyrakoski said.

“Nothing beats playing soccer with great friends," added Allison Ofstein.