PARKLAND, FL- Sara Ochoa recently tested her wrestling skills internationally at the Puerto Rico Copa Sparta competition. This was her first time competing in Puerto Rico against wrestlers from all over the world. With a second place finish, Sara proved she can compete with anyone, anywhere. 

Ochoa began wrestling just three years ago. An experienced Jiu Jitsu contender, she tried wrestling just to improve her take down moves for Jiu Jitsu. She ended up loving wrestling, which then became her focus. Ochoa competes for the Stoneman Douglas Wrestling Team in a traditionally male dominated sport. For high school competition, she usually competes against males and in a higher weight class. "I've had a positive season the last two years," Ochoa said. 

The gold metal match at the Puerto Rico Copa Sparta was tied at 17-17 but Sara lost based on criteria, and was awarded the silver medal. Ochoa was competing in a higher weight class. "I need some of those tough matches, so I can win Junior Nationals in Fargo next July," added Ochoa. Ochoa qualified for the Florida National Team this year and competed through August. Ochoa competed in the Junior Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota this past July, which is known as the largest event in the world. She made it to the top 12 in her first appearance. 

The high school wrestling season starts in November, and Ochoa was ranked number one in the girl's pre-season state rankings.  "My coaches push me so much. I'm so grateful to them today," said Ochoa.