There are 5 takeaways from Impeachment hearings:

President Trump’s direct quote to EU Ambassador Sondland, “ I want nothing, no quid pro quo”.

Any testimony claiming that President Trump wanted an investigation into Team Biden’s corrupt antics in Ukraine were based on first, second and third-hand hearsay and “assumptions”, but never from direct witness testimony.

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Hearings devoid of fairness and due process. The witch-hunt directed by Adam Schiff began in a secret bunker, was followed by selective leaks, and gave no ability to the President to call witnesses or confront the leaker, ( Whistleblower) while gaveling down Republicans during their questioning.

The press so consumed with hate for the President surrendered  any pretense of searching for the truth. Acting more like Democrats acolytes than the honest brokers they were meant to be.

Nancy Pelosi is a hostage to the radical left in Congress. She is willing to drive her Caucus off a cliff because she lacks a political spine and a moral compass to challenge them.


Senator Joe Pennacchio