Dear Editor,

As a Republican committee member in the Lake Hiawatha District, I am very concerned about the so-called "journalism" of Frank Cahill from the Parsippany FOCUS.  I find his news coverage misleading, his headlines sensationalized, and his social media posts unconscionable. 

It was out of the aforementioned concern, and Mr. Cahill’s weaponization of his hyperlocal news website, that I further researched Mr. Cahill on social media only to find what I believe are alarming, reprehensible, racist and perverted Facebook posts which Mr. Cahill posted himself.  

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As a Parsippany resident, I am extremely concerned that Mr. Cahill has been getting away without being held accountable by the public at large.  As a journalist, he should conduct himself as a role model for our community and abide by the highest ethical and moral standards. 

Mr. Cahill’s Facebook exploitation of children in his posts, claiming it as a joke, are totally deplorable and inappropriate. Just think, this man — with his reprehensible social media posts — is taking pictures of unsuspecting children, clergy, and women township wide. 

I am calling on the entire Par-Troy community along with the Parsippany Board Of Education and various Religious Organizations throughout the township to firmly stand against the exploitation of ANYONE in our community!

If this behavior is not corrected, it will only lead to more deviant conduct and will become an acceptable norm. 

Too many of our children, woman and religious groups have been exploited in our country. 

I am challenging all of our leaders, foremost and including Mayor Soriano, to discontinue the Township’s membership with the Parsippany Chamber of Commerce where Frank Cahill currently serves as a member of the Board Of Directors. 

The Parsippany taxpayers’ dollars should not fund or subsidize anyone who is involved with the exploitation of innocent people.


Tom DeLorenzo, Lake Hiawatha