PARSIPPANY, NJ - There was a vocal crowd that showed up for the June 19th Town Council meeting.  Residents wanted to know why their taxes are going up, what the reasoning behind the tax increase was, and why their questions weren't getting answered. 

Parsippany resident Isabella Alfano asked this of the council "What extra value are we getting as tax payers?"

Longtime Parsippany resident Vincent Schindel asked about the seniors and how they were expected to stay in Parsippany. "What is happening in this town and with this budget is driving Seniors out of Parsippany and out of New Jersey."

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Former Council President Lou Valori brought up the fact that there have been nearly $500,000 in new salaries for new employees in new positions.  He wanted to know what the reasoning for and where the resumes of these people were.

"Salary, pension and benefit costs for these six positions total over $500,000," Councilman Michael dePierro said. "The money for these positions calculates to approximately seven-tenths of a tax point. So a 3.5 percent increase in our budget could have been reduced to 2.8 percent without the additional staff, which is significant."

George Manning had this to say to Paul Carifi, "You should resign.  You are not a Republican.  You are an embarrassment". 

After a lot of public commentary, George Kimmey asked the Council "Why aren't you answering our questions?"

Later, Paul Carifi mentioned that he spoke to 172 residents asking them if they wanted their services taken away in exchange for an average increase of $64.38 per home (based upon a home assessed at $309,202 - the average in Parsippany).  He said they all said no to this question and were ok with the tax increase.

However, the total increase on an average home assessed at $309,202 is closer to $212, not $64.38, according to some residents.

In the end, the Township Council voted 3-2 in favor of introducing the $72 million municipal budget for 2018.  There needs to be a 4th vote in favor to have this introduced.