On the evening of July 25, 1946 in Walton County, Georgia, two young African-American couples were ambushed by a mob of white men near the Moore’s Ford Bridge linking Walton and Oconee Counties, about 50 miles east of Atlanta. They were gunned down near the banks of the Apalachee River in a hail of bullets fired from a variety of different weapons. After 73 years of investigation, no one was ever arrested or indicted for the massacre. To this day, the case remains America’s last unsolved mass murder.

Since late 2013, the law firm of Bell & Shivas has represented author and historian Anthony S. Pitch in his quest to obtain the grand jury records from December, 1946. It is Mr. Pitch’s hope that the testimony contained in these documents will finally expose the truth behind some of the deepest, darkest secrets of one of America’s most egregious crimes.

All of the questions that still linger about this ghastly event – along with the latest legal developments that offer renewed hope to descendants of the victims – can now be found in one centralized location:  the 1946 Moore’s Ford Lynching InfoCenter, situated on the Bell & Shivas, P. C. web site.

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