Please see my platform and vote for me and Parsippany's future on Tuesday November 7th. 

  • Low Taxes.   We are proud of our record of keeping property taxes low. Parsippany has the 3rd lowest tax rate in Morris County. This year, Mayor Barberio and Council President Valori provided a budget with NO tax increase. Going forward, we will continue minimizing costs to keep property taxes as low as possible without sacrificing our great services.
  • Bringing business to Parsippany.     Mayor Barberio's administration has filled up over 5 million square feet of vacant commercial space over these past eight years. This has lessened the overall tax burden on our residents and increased our sewer surplus.  We have used some of this surplus to provide tax relief for our residents.  We will continue this highly successful policy going forward.  
  • Increasing quality ratables to appropriate areas of town.   Recently, UPS opened its new 200,000 square foot building here in Parsippany.  This facility will generate millions of dollars for our town to help keep taxes low for our residents.  We will capitalize on our location to attract more corporations and small business.  In the near term, Mayor Barberio will announce the formation of the Council on Business  and Industry .  This group will help identify and attract new businesses to Parsippany.
  • Shared services.  As Morris County's largest municipality, Parsippany has a unique opportunity to share services to generate more revenue to reduce taxes.     We have shared service agreements with our schools and neighboring towns.  Recently, we entered into shared service agreements with our courts which will bring $900,000.00 to Parsippany.  We will aggressively pursue more shared service opportunities over the next four years.
  • Enhancing public safety.   Recently, Parsippany was ranked the second safest town in America according to FBI statistics.  That is a tribute to the great work of our police department.  We will continue to keep Parsippany safe. We are making significant improvements in our communications capabilities and improving facilities for our first responders
  • Preserving open space.  The Barberio Administration has preserved over 140 acres of open space, including 11 acres at the waterview site.  We will continue to preserve and maintain as much open space as we can
  • Enhancing Recreation Services.  The Barberio Administration has invested in upgrading our recreational facilities, including adding more capacity at Smith Field.  We understand the importance of our recreation programs and will continue to make sure they are the very best they can be.